Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekly Inspiration: Beautiful Lounge Furniture

One of my signature event design philosophies is 'layering' ~ keeping portions of the event a surprise to guests and revealing them as the night progresses. I especially love to do this with a dance lounge after dinner. The drama of unveiling the space gets guests excited to hit the dance floor.

This beautiful lounge furniture is so chic, in the style of a fashionable supper club. While we used to have to custom-create a look like this, I'm so happy that rental furniture has come a long way in the past few years. Brides now have more to choose from - whether they want their space to feel like a cool nightclub (like Laura + Jason), a vintage parlor (like Kathryn + Ryan) or an over-the-top afterparty (like Nikki + Chad).

Photography by Kathleen Harrison


  1. This admirable lounge appliance is so chic, in the appearance of a fashionable supper club. While we acclimated to accept to custom-create a attending lik

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  2. I ended up finding most of the exciting design was really happening in metal and wood, not as much in wicker and teak. So, I decided to round up some of the most beautiful Italian leather out there, just to make your decision process that much easier.

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