Friday, February 3, 2012

SF Happenings: Gump's Bridal Event

San Francisco brides simply must stop by Gump's on Sunday February 12th for their annual bridal event.  Gump's is one of my favorites for bridal registries - guests feel like they're buying something truly special that the couple will treasure for a lifetime. I'll be there, along with the lovely and talented Kathleen Deery. Sip sparkling wine and enjoy a continental brunch by Taste Catering as you take in all the beautiful tabletop items. Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Q + A with Jim Avila + Darlene Carlson

A couple weeks ago, Huffington Post Weddings featured an article I wrote about wedding day beauty. I hope it proved to be an educational read for brides-to-be and their wedding parties.

The article shares advice from two of my highly recommended Bay Area wedding stylists, Jim Avila and Darlene Carlson. I had an enjoyable time interviewing them for the story, and wanted to share their full Q + A for even more tips on how to achieve a peaceful, beautiful wedding day.

What do you think makes a beautiful bride?

DC: Inner peace and calm reflects your true beauty,and gives you the chance to enjoy the love and happiness of your wedding day.

What is the best thing a bride can do beauty-wise to prepare for the wedding day?

DC: Arrange to have your hair and makeup done professionally on site. You won’t have to fight traffic and possible delays going to a salon. Instead spend your
time enjoying family and friends. You will have a fun and relaxing start to your wedding day.

On a wedding day, what are some of your secrets for a successful flow to getting ready?

JA: Work with a wedding planner or designer whom you know and trust. Do your homework before hiring them, then let them make decisions on the day so all you have to do is be calm and beautiful.

Have a trial with your hair and makeup artist before the big day, you don't want any surprises. Eat and drink your favorite things, but not too much. Brides tend not to eat and that can lead to you passing out.

What are your tips for jewelry on the wedding day for the bride and bridal party?

JA:  Don't wear too much! I don't recommending wearing a headpiece, necklace AND earrings - two pieces are good, three is too much. If you have on too much bling, people look at that and not you.  Your engagement and wedding rings are the most important pieces you will wear that day.

If you have family heirloom pieces, sometimes they work well with the bride's look and sometimes they do not. If it's important to your family that you wear them, consider wearing them only down the aisle or perhaps only at the reception, but not all day.

For bridesmaids, my advice is don't give each one the same thing. They are individuals, so it's nice to give each of these special people in your life something special too.

What are common mistakes brides make with regards to wedding day hair and makeup?

JA: Too much, too big, too overdone. You should look like you did the best job ever on yourself. You do not want to look like you were beat up at a make-up counter and tortured at the hair salon.  Think about how he likes to see you. 

My goal is to make each bride look elegant, chic, sophisticated and a little sexy. Remember this -- women get married, girls don't.

DC: Don’t date your wedding day by picking a trendy style for your hair or makeup. You don’t want to shudder when you see photographs years later.

Any other advice for brides?

JA: In the weeks leading up to the wedding, wear sunscreen on all parts of your body. exposed to the sun. The last things you want are tan lines and sunburns in your photos. If your groom is going to play sports to relieve stress, make sure he wears sunscreen too.

And speaking of grooms, don't let them groom get a haircut on the wedding day. In the week before, yes. But the day of, NO.

Photography by: Elizabeth Messina,

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