Monday, October 10, 2011

Engagement Shoots: Jose Villa

The last couple weeks have been all about inspiration for me. I've been traveling in Europe, reveling in the beauty of Paris, Portofino, Florence and Rome. After a very busy fall event season, it's just what I needed to replenish my energy, both physically and creatively. From the food, to the scenery, to the service, I've found so many wonderful sources of inspiration for next year's weddings and events.

One place I continuously find inspiration is in the work of Jose Villa - wedding photographer extraordinaire. His work is filled with so much ethereal beauty, it's heavenly.  Jose recently shot two of our wedding couples for next year in their engagement sessions. An engagement shoot is not only a wonderful opportunity to bond with your photographer, but when you work with someone as talented as Jose, it leaves you with photos you will treasure throughout your married life.

Just look at these two beautiful couples - so in love and picture perfect. I can't wait to share their wedding photos with you next year.

Ruthie + Ian

Jenet + Chris


  1. He's pretty much made of magic, isn't he? Lovely, lovely engagements-looking forward to seeing the weddings.

  2. LOVE these two couples.. i cant wait to document their weddings.. xo jose


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