Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh Mexico: Palmasola + Casa Papelillos

Mexico is one of my favorite destination wedding spots. It's an easy plane ride away and the landscape is simply breathtaking. There are 2 properties I especially love for a wedding (or special getaway!) in Mexico: Palmasola and Casa Papelillos, both located in Punta Minta. Palmasola and Casa Papelillos are stunning estates with an unparalleled emphasis on service. If you have ever imagined yourself getting married barefoot on a private beach with a full service staff to cater to your every whim, look no further! Both spots would also make amazing anniversary or birthday destinations to treat your friends and family. Interested? Contact me for booking details as I have an exclusive arrangement with both estates for events. Be sure to check out the amazing photos and details of each property below. Photo above of Palmasola.

Palmasola is luxurious, spacious and extremely private. It's beachfront location, flush with white sand beaches and pristine views, make it an intimate and magical destination for a wedding or special event. Palmasola can accommodate up to 50 guests for events and has accommodations for 22 overnight guests. All photos below courtesy of Palmasola.

Casa Papelillos is comprised of two beautiful haciendas that provide more than 19,000-square-feet of living space. The villa has an exclusive beachfront setting that makes it the perfect destination for parties up to 110 guests and 20 overnight guests. All photos below courtesy of Casa Papelillos.

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